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Denied After You Apply For A Credit Card Online? You Need To Call The Reconsideration Line, Fast!

by / 1 Comment / Apr 06, 2015

When you apply for a credit card online you expect an answer immediately. Sometimes, though, that answer is “denied”, or you are told the company needs more time to review your application. Did you know you have options?

Most people haven’t ever heard of the reconsideration line but for an experienced credit card churner it can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. The reconsideration line is basically a back door line into a credit card company’s application review department. If you were to call the general customer service hotline or the number on the back of your card they wouldn’t be much help in getting your application approved. Instead, you need to know the number for the reconsideration line.

Application for Credit Card Declined?

There are lots of reasons why your application might not be instantly approved. The most common reasons that I see with my own applications are too many recent inquiries and maximum amount of credit extended by the bank. I apply for 10-15 cards every year so it should be pretty obvious why the bank doesn’t like to instantly approve my applications. But even with that being said, when I apply for a credit card online. I have never been denied for a card after calling in to the reconsideration line.

Apply for a Credit Card Online: Check Your Online Application Status First

As soon as you submit your application you should know whether you’ve been approved, denied or gone pending. If your application is approved, then there’s no need to call the reconsideration line. If an application goes pending, I like to call the reconsideration line immediately but you can also check the status of your application online with most card issuers. Here are the websites that allow you to check the status of your application:

The online application status websites above are really only useful in situations where your application goes pending. I’ve applied for certain Barclaycard, gone pending and just minutes later my application was approved when I checked the status online.

I also like to use this feature if my credit card application ever times out. Sometimes the page might stop loading or show an error after you submit it. This is a great way to check if your application went through since you wouldn’t want to submit the same application twice.

Calling the Reconsideration Line

When you apply for a credit card online You can call the reconsideration line any time after you submit your application, but the earlier the better. If you wait 2-3 weeks or more, the bank could force you to submit another application which would mean another hard inquiry on your credit report. So if your application goes pending or is denied outright, you’ll want to call as soon as possible.

For pending applications, sometimes all the reconsideration line will need is to verify some info. But other times they’ll ask you questions like “Why do you need another card with us?” or “Why do you have so many inquiries on your credit report?” In order to give yourself the best chance at getting approved make sure that you have good answers to these questions and you have looked at a recent copy of your credit report. You can actually get a free copy of your official credit report up to three times per year at annualcreditreport.com

What to do if You’re Not Instantly Approved

For more strategies about calling the recon line:

When you call the reconsideration line it forces the bank to take a fresh look at your application again. So even if you’ve already been denied once, you’ll get an independent review and another chance to convince the representative that you are worthy of a new credit card. If you’re ready to give the reconsideration line a try, here is a full list of all available numbers for you:

1. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 888-245-0625 Available 7am-10pm EST Monday through Friday, 8am-10pm EST Saurday and 9am-9pm Sunday
  • 800-453-9719(business)

2. American Express Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 877-399-3083 Available 8am-12am EST Monday through Friday, 10am-6:30pm Saturday

3. Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 800-695-5171 Available 7am-12am EST Every day

4. Bank of America Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 866-865-7839 Available 8am-5pm EST Monday through Friday
  • 800-481-8277 (Business)

5. Barclaycard Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 866-408-4064. Available 8am-5pm EST Monday through Friday

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