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Your Best Reward Credit Card Helps You See The World

by / 0 Comments / Mar 16, 2015

No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards: Endless Savings for a Big World of Travel

The best reward credit card truly is in the eyes of the beholder. These days, global adventures are within reach of almost everyone, whether you’re a first-time traveler, regular jetsetter, or someone living an ex-pat life. While it can be fun to experience new languages, cultures, and culinary delights, one travel aspect most vacationers dread is that moment when the bill comes due. In fact, when it comes to spending your money abroad, you risk passing through some rough financial territory.

That’s because many regular credit cards will charge you a Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF) – extra costs of up to 3% on every purchase you make in another country. In other words, a trip that’s budgeted for $5,000 will face a whopping $150 in fees – the cost of a nice night out while on vacation. Apply these fees to a region such as Europe where your dollar is also weak, and you’re facing a real double whammy. The best reward credit card doesn’t have these fees.

What can a savvy globe-trotter do to win back some purchasing power? The best solution is to get yourself a credit card that waives the Foreign Transaction Fee. Nearly every major credit card company and banking institution offers no FTF cards, so it’s just a matter of finding the right card for you.

The Best Reward Credit Cards: Big Savings Also Come with Perks

Interest free savings and 0 credit card offers aren’t always your only clear choice – other features are important too. In addition to saving big, users of no FTF credit cards often get access to special perks that can benefit their travels. If you are a traveler and wonder how to use a credit card smartly here are just a few popular cards and some of the advantages you can make use of:

    • Travel Rewards – These perks are a natural for frequent flyers and foreign spenders. Loyalty programs with specific airlines work great for certain travelers, but you might also want to consider the flexibility of cards that offer open-ended travel opportunities. The Capital One Venture Rewards credit card is an example of one such card. With miles that don’t expire, no restrictions on the airline you fly or hotel your book, and no blackout dates, the card is a good choice for people who love last-minute international getaways.


    • Concierge services – Cards such as the Premier World MasterCard and Visa Signature are two popular choices for their reputation of going the extra mile with their free concierge services. With access to 24-hour assistance, you’ll be thankful for that extra support when you are looking for the right restaurant, hotel room, or entertaining activity.


  • Car Rental Insurance – Road trips can be a special part of your vacation getaway. If you’re planning to rent a car, some cards provide special coverage in case of an accident. Just make sure your card includes a primary insurance option. One card that offers this benefit is the United MileagePlus Explorer, which gives users of United’s loyalty program an extra peace of mind behind the wheel.

Before You Sign Up: Important Tips

So are you ready to jump and start saving with your new credit card? Be sure to first look ahead and choose the best reward credit card for your lifestyle. New adventures also bring potential pitfalls that can ruin your trip in the instant of a plastic swipe. So remember these three tips when you use any credit card for foreign purchases.

    1. Call your credit card company before your journey and inform them of the dates you’ll be traveling. This will help prevent the nightmare of fraud software picking up on suspicious activity and freezing your account. The last thing you want is for your cash flow to get stuck in bureaucratic mud. Your vacation time is too valuable to waste frantically trying to free your line of credit.


    1. If you are traveling to Europe, try to get a credit card with no Foreign Transaction Fees that also uses an EMV chip. Without this technology and a connected PIN number, you might run into problems with certain point-of-sale purchases. Sure, tourist areas and major hotels might accept your non-chip card, but with so many sites and souvenirs in front of you, why limit your purchase possibilities?


  1. Lastly, if you plan to continue your international shopping online, the currency in which you pay can sometimes make a difference. See if it’s possible to change the currency into dollars. But then again, with your new No FTF credit card, it really won’t matter at all!

Read more on the features and benefits of credit cards with no foreign transaction fees. The savings waiting for you will be as clear as the blue sky outside your airplane window.

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D. Medina is a freelance journalist and expatriate from the United States currently living in Germany. She uses credit cards with no foreign transaction fees on a regular basis, not only in her daily life but when she travels as well. She has used no foreign transaction fee credit cards in countries as diverse as Italy, Singapore, Thailand, and Spain.

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