You Need Credit Cards To Build Credit: It’s A Catch 22

What Credit Score To I Need Before I Apply For Credit Cards To Build Credit?

You may be considering applying for credit cards to build credit, or just wondering now is the time to try to get a better card than what you currently have. So, you want to know what score you need to get a new card. But there is no single answer to this.

A “Good” Credit Score

A credit score is in the eye of the beholder. If you recently filed bankruptcy and are working your way back to good credit reaching a score of 640, which many consider poor, might seem quite an accomplishment to you.
FICO Scores Range from 301-850.

  • A score of 599 or below is considered bad credit.
  • A score of 600-649 is considered poor credit.
  • A score of 650-699 is considered fair credit.
  • A score of 700-749 is good credit.
  • A score of 750 and above is excellent credit.

It’s easy to get credit cards with a score above 700. And certainly you can get a credit card with any credit score. The difference is how much credit you will get, how much interest you will pay, and whether you have to pay a deposit to get the card. While it is usually difficult to know what score you need to get what card, some credit card websites can actually give you an average credit score for a certain card, or at least tell you that one card requires better credit than another.

Determining Your Needs

Before you worry about what credit score you need to get a card consider what you are looking for in a card. Do you need credit cards to build credit? Ask yourself what is most important: Fees and interest? A high balance? Transferring existing balances? Cash back and other rewards programs?

Once you know what you most want out of a credit card then you can look into the credit requirements for that card. Try to find a reputable website that can provide you with information about what credit score you must have to get a card that meets your needs. You might even try reading some credit card blogs and see if other people report what credit scores they had to get cards that you desire.

Credit Cards to Build Credit

Getting a credit card for no credit or low income can be a challenge.If you know that you want to get approved for a certain card with a high FICO requirement you may need to work on rebuilding your credit a bit first. You can use credit cards to build credit. This can involve paying off your old debts, negotiating with banks to reduce your balances and pay off your debt faster, checking your credit report for accuracy and starting over with a secured credit card.

Knowing Your Score

One cool fact is that some credit cards that you may already have will give you your FICO score, so you always know what your credit score is. Some modern cards are even printing your FICO score right on your monthly bill, allowing you to monitor your progress in repairing your credit or ensure that nothing odd has happened to damage your credit. This is an excellent perk available with some cards today.

When it comes to getting a new card sometimes you just have to try. Research, make an informed choice, and then apply and see if you are approved. This won’t hurt you as long as you don’t run around applying for every credit card in the world.

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