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Comparing Credit Cards with These Top Resources

Comparing Credit Cards With These Top Resources

by / 2 Comments / Sep 05, 2015

Online credit card search tools/engines are essential for consumers, small business owners and students looking for credit card offers best suited to each one’s individual needs. You can search by categories and options that are important to you and compare the key terms and features of the cards that turn up in the search results. Most credit card resource websites include links to each card’s issuing website in the search results, allowing you to review the provider’s information directly and apply for the card if you choose.“Best Credit Cards” lists and “Editor’s Picks” are fairly common on these sites as well, with detailed card descriptions and reasons to choose them. The following 16 credit card sites provide invaluable tools that are instrumental in helping you research and choose the credit cards that will most effectively meet your needs and requirements.

1. CompareCards

This is a leading credit card resource website that believes in educating the public about finances and credit cards in a single location. The site’s comparison tool for card research uses the popular search options of card categories, issuer and level of credit and helps you choose a card based on a number of important factors.

There are some really great features that make CompareCards stand out:

  • Credit Concierge – Register to access this free tool and get completely free TransUnion credit scores, tailored advice to maximize your savings and support from a dedicated credit specialist.
  • The Education Center fulfills their commitment to starting financial education early with essential information targeted at our youth.
  • Exceptional User Experience – The site’s comparison tool is extremely user friendly. You can easily research a specific card by selecting it from a drop down menu. Another valuable benefit is easy access to expert and consumer reviews about each card in your search results via a review link. Indeed, the entire site is focused on helping consumers in the financial and credit card arenas. The information presented is current and useful, with new articles being added on a regular basis to their blog CompareWallet. And the LiveChat feature goes the extra mile to offer excellent customer support and help you with any questions and concerns.


2. nerdwallet

Everything you need to make an informed decision. Nerdwallet boasts the ability to compare up to 1,714 cards. Choose what type of card you are interested in, be it Rewards, Business, Student or something else. Narrow down your choices with options such asannual fee, network preference, balance transfer fee and your credit score range. Select how you wish to sort your results and compare the available cards.


3. CreditCards.com

Choose from a tailored card match service that reviews your credit profile to identify cards you qualify for, or a more generic search option. To compare cards generically, search by card type, card issuer or credit quality. CreditCards.com displays information about credit cards offered by the site’s many partners, and the site seeks to offer consumers choices and variety with the right tools to make knowledgeable decisions.


4. CardHub

Start your search with popular category options, such as rewards, interest rates, card type and credit rating. The site offers sorting options for most results. You can also compare specific cards within category results, and review cards targeted to the business owner or college student. Additionally, CardHubgoes the extra mile and gives you a more personalized option with its Credit Card Advisor feature: answer a few questions and get a customized credit card recommendation.


5. Bankrate

Choose to search by issuer, card type or credit score. Your results page lets you change your options to review other card results. The site’s informative interest rates tool gives you a barometer to measure available cards against. The information provided in the card search results is concise, informative and easy to understand.


6. Credit.com

Credit.com offers three different search approaches for ease of use. Bear in mind, the cards displayed are limited to the website’s partners, numbering around 120. However, when used with other credit card search tool sites, it’s a helpful resource, and also offers articles, tools and other valuable information in the field of credit and credit cards.


7. Confused.com

Confused.com launched the UK’s first online comparison tool for insurance coverage. The website has branched out to other areas since 2002, and offers a very user-friendly credit-card comparison search engine for consumers in the UK.


8. Credit Card Guide

This website features comparisons of top rated credit cards offered by popular card issuers. Search by issuer, category or credit type. There’s even an “Instant Approval” category, not typically available on other search sites.


8. Credit Karma

Credit Karma provides information about cards offered by their partners and includes a dollar amount of your average savings with each card over a year. It also offers review links. You can search by card category, priority reason for needing a card, your credit score and certain card options. You may then further filter your results by features, reward types, network, card holder type and more.


10. Google – Credit Card Comparisons

Google currently compares over 200 credit cards. Search options on this search engine leader include credit rating, card category, annual fee, card issuer and card network. Access via link to terms and conditions is not available for all cards in the results. However, this tool is a good “jumping off spot,” and if you are interested in learning more about those offerings, you can review them by searching the card on other sites.


11. Card Ratings

If you already have any credit cards, you can look up your card and its features and see how it compares to other offerings on this website. You can also research a variety of different credit cards using the site’s comparison tool. Search by category, rating and issuer.


12. Get.com – Credit Cards

Search credit cards on Get.com using their many search options. Then click each card you wish to compare to use the site’s informative card comparison feature. The tool also suggests cards that may work for you based upon your search criteria.


13. Lowcards.com

This site has been a helpful resource, recognized by a large number of news sources and media, since July, 2000. LowCards evaluates more than 1000 credit cards regularly, and prides its team on providing objective opinions about cards available on the market to consumers in the U.S. and Canada. Information about the cards in the results is succinct, but full details are available on the site at the click of a mouse.


14. My Rate Plan

MyRatePlan is another veteran, launched in late 1999. The credit card section and comparison tool is one of the nine service categories covered on the site. It allows consumers to evaluate more than 100 popular cards offered by top credit card providers. Search by a several different options and narrow your results with many other choices.


15. CreditCards.org

This consumer-created website strives to educate in an easy to understand manner. It provides a comprehensive search tool and reviews, and edits the available card offers regularly to ensure the information is accurate and up to date.


16. The Points Guy

This website is an excellent resource for consumers and small business owners who use and are in the market for rewards credit cards. Research rewards cards offered by the site’s partners in different categories, such as business, airline, hotel and cash back. Each offering is given a star rating, ranging from one to five stars, and each card’s significant features are presented in an easy to read and understand format.


Credit Card Comparison Tools CREDIT CARD HIGHLIGHT

Credit Card search engines and comparison tools are great. . . . IF you know what you need and what you should be looking for in a credit card.  Unfortunately, not everyone does, and the wide array of dizzying information offered by pages of credit card results can be confusing and overwhelming. Did you know our site provides information, advice, tips and more on choosing credit cards in 12 categories?

  1. Low Interest
  2. Cash Back
  3. Prepaid/Debit
  4. Secured
  5. Balance Transfer
  6. Airline
  7. Student
  8. No Foreign Transaction Fee
  9. Rewards
  10. Instant Approval
  11. Business
  12. Limited Time Offers

Get the facts. Learn about tips, trends, potential pitfalls and things you should know before applying. Once you’re done, you’ll be fully prepared to knowledgeably research and compare credit cards on the top search engines, so you will choose exactly the right credit card for your needs.

Next in our series is a resource for what is important and trending in the field of credit cards for 2015. See Top Credit Card Tips and Trends

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Elizabeth Boyd is a financial writer and paralegal. She has written extensively for the financial and credit card market for several years and feels strongly about making consumers aware of their choices and rights.

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