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Can you qualify for zero interest credit cards?

Zero Interest Credit Cards Come In Many Sizes

by / 0 Comments / Apr 10, 2015

Zero interest credit cards may seem like a fantasy for some borrowers. However, it is certainly possible to find a card that doesn’t make you pay interest on your purchases. What can you do to find a credit card company willing to give you such a great rate?

Look For Introductory Offers

For the most part, you are going to find many credit cards with introductory rates that make them zero APR credit cards – for a time. But these 0 interest rate credit card often grow up to be interest charging cards, so be careful. It is common to find credit card companies that allow you to pay no interest for the first 12 or 18 months that you have the card. These offers can be found in minutes by conducting an online search. It is also possible that credit card companies will send you offers for 0 percent interest credit cards in the mail. But be sure you know when the offer changes.

Store Credit Cards May Offer Zero Interest Credit Cards

Another common occurrence is for department or electronics stores offer zero interest credit cards with interest-free financing for 12 months or longer for purchases over a certain amount. For example, you may be able to apply for a store credit card that allows you to make equal payments for an extended amount of time without having to pay and finance charges. The only downside is that you will have to pay an interest rate of up to 30 percent if you have a balance left when that period ends. And sometimes the interest is retroactive! This means if you don’t pay it off on time they will charge interest back to the first day you made the purchase, so read the fine print.

Borrowers with Good Credit Can Negotiate These Terms On Their Own

Borrowers who have good credit may be able to get their credit card company to waive their interest charges and give them zero interest credit cards simply because they paid their bill on time. If you have recently made a large purchase, the ability to have finance charges waived can save you hundreds of dollars over the months it takes to pay off the purchase.

Getting a low rate on your next credit card can reduce the amount that you pay for the right to borrow money. While it may take a bit of searching, borrowers of almost any credit level should be able to find a card that has a 0 percent APR or a rate only slightly higher than that.Of course, remember that any card can be no interest if you pay the balance in full each month!

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