Credit Card Tips For Beginners

Knowledge Is Power: Credit Card Tips For Beginners

Here you go: 7 credit card tips for beginners. The world is a beautiful, wonderful and sometimes dangerous place. While technology makes our lives more convenient, it does the same for thieves who are simply thriving in the new information age. Now, it’s your turn to do all that you can do to prevent anyone from fraudulently using your credit card or your identity and keep control of your own financial life. These seven credit card tips will help:

1. Protect your information, at home and online.

Thieves can steal your credit card, and your identity, without ever seeing your actual credit card. Birthdates, birth certificates, social security numbers and so much more can help thieves take over your financial life. Thwart them by keeping your private documents safe and hidden at home. Choose a spot where you will always know where to find them but a thief is unable to reach (like a safe) or unlikely to look (like inside the cover of a book in the living room or in the freezer). Do not post your entire birthdate or address on any websites, including Facebook.
If you receive a phone call or email from your credit card company, or any other company, asking for your password, PIN number, account number or any other personal information and you suspect, in the least, that this is not on the level offer to call them back with the information. Then, call the number listed on your statement or credit card so you know you are truly calling the right place and not getting scammed.

2.Monitor your mailbox.

Many thieves still practice good old fashioned mail theft as a way to get your cards and personal information. Check your mail daily. Keep track of when credit cards statements show up each month and if one doesn’t show call your credit card company and report it immediately. Better yet, sign up to receive your statements online. If an envelope looks as though it has been opened consider it compromised as well. Never put your outgoing credit card payment or other important information in your own mailbox – take it to the post office yourself.

3. Review your credit card statements at least once a month, more if on vacation or heavily using cards.

Always check over your credit card statement each month looking for fraudulent activity. If you see anything suspicious call the credit card company immediately. If you are on vacation or using your card heavily check it every week or every two weeks.

4. Don’t let your credit card leave your sight.

Do not use your credit card at places where it is taken from your view, like a full service restaurant. This makes it too easy for unscrupulous workers to scan or copy your card. When you hand anyone your card keep an eye on it, ensuring that they scan it only once at the register and that your proper card is returned to you.

5. Credit card tips for beginners: If it doesn’t feel right don’t do it.

Avoid funny looking ATM or gas station machines. Believe it or not, some tech savvy thieves have actually added fake card readers over real readers and successfully stolen credit card info. Only use a machine if the card insert slot is flush with the face of the machine and looks legitimate.

6. Know that debit cards don’t always carry the same fraud protection as credit cards.

Remember that credit cards usually offer a layer of fraud protection that is not always true of debit cards. Read your debit card paperwork before you use it to ensure that you have protection.

7. If a breach does happen, call immediately and take advantage of special offers.

Here is one of the most important credit card tips for beginners: If you notice, or even suspect, that your credit card has been compromised call your bank immediately. If you are part of a known issue, like the Target credit card number thefts of 2013 or the Home Depot thefts of 2014, and the company offers free credit monitoring take advantage of it.

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