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Did you apply online for a credit card? Are you paying your card online? Do you even know how to write a physical check anymore? Do you wonder how a credit card works online? The truth is that our world has gone to the Web. Millions of people shop online, pay bills online, do their banking online, even deposit checks by taking a picture and uploading it… online. But should you?

The Benefits when you Apply Online for a Credit Card

There are many benefits to managing your credit cards online which go beyond simple credit card applications online. First, applying for a credit card online is fast, easy and painless. No spelling your name out for some person at the store who is typing in your application. No mailing off an application and waiting weeks to hear back. No embarrassment if you are denied. When you apply online you usually find out if you are approved or not instantly, and if you get denied, well you are the only one that knows.

Another benefit of managing your accounts online is that you can always easily check your balance, payment due date and other important information. You can easily file your statements without having to keep a huge box of paperwork; just download the files to your computer. You can even pay your bill online, quickly and easily: no mailing a check, no running to the store to make your payment. Just a few clicks and you are all done.

You can have your statements and payment reminders mailed to you and keep your mailbox much less full. If you want, you can even set up auto pay so that your cards are automatically paid and deducted from your bank account on their due date each month. In short, online credit card management is fast and convenient.

The Negatives of Managing Your Credit Cards Online

To be honest, there are not many negatives when you apply online for a credit card and manage that card online. If you don’t like technology then it could be difficult. If you don’t check your email often it is possible that you could miss a notice. And, if you are trying to make a payment and you make a mistake and don’t follow all the way through with the “submit”s and “ok”s you could accidentally think you paid a bill when you didn’t.

Security Concerns

Of course, everyone has security concerns when they apply online for a credit card. And yes, there are things to be concerned about. But today most information is sent with encryption, so it is really rare that anyone will get your credit card numbers or anything else important. Just be sure to check your statements every month to ensure there are no charges that you did not authorize.

Also, be wary of phishing emails, where people send fake emails disguised at your credit card company trying to get you to type in your password or wire money somewhere. Anytime you get a phone or email message telling you to click here and log in, instead, go to the website for the company on your own and log in. That way you know you are in the right place. For the most part, online management of credit cards is the wave of the future. You might as well join the party now.

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