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Ten Ways That Credit Cards With Rewards Work For You

Credit cards with rewardsprograms are getting more and more sophisticated. Sometimes you have to choose your rewards and benefits, for example choosing credit card airline miles vs cash back. Even a company credit cardcan qualify for these special deals. Following are 10 ways that credit card companies are starting to reward their customers for membership:

  1. Extended Warranty

    Most things that you buy come with a pretty brief warranty. But consumer advocate Clark Howard, of CNN, almost always recommends against buying extended warranties on products. But you know what Clark loves? Credit cards that give you extended warranty coverage; this is becoming a common credit card benefit.

  2. Credit Cards with Rewards sometimes offer Price Protection

    Everyone claims to have the lowest prices on everything, but as soon as you buy you find a better deal, right? Well, some credit cards are coming to your rescue by offering price protection. If you buy something, then soon after see it cheaper somewhere else, the credit card company will refund you the difference!

  3. Damage Protection

    Warranties don’t cover damage or theft of things you buy, but some credit cards with rewards do. Before you get a new card see if it includes product protection to cover damage, theft or loss of things you buy with it, including cell phones.

  4. A Longer Return Window

    Some credit card companies will extend the period of time that you have to return an item. They do this by working with certain stores, so often that perk is limited only to certain places or to store cards, but ask about it. Though, sometimes they will simply reimburse you for an item you can no longer return.

  5. Discounts on Hotels and Car Rentals

    Many credit cards with rewards are starting to come with a variety of travel perks, including discounts on car rentals and hotels. These discounts can sometimes be substantial and less than prices you can find at discount retailers online.

  6. Rental Car Insurance

    A variety of credit cards are starting to provide rental car insurance when you pay for the rental with that credit card. But coverage varies from card to card. And your auto insurance company may already offer this. This is a great potential perk, but before you count on it look into what is covered and what isn’t, so you don’t have any surprises if you do get in an accident.

  7. Free Check-on Baggage

    Most airlines today are charging for bags that you take. Spirit Airlines, as of 2014, charged for both carry-on and check-on. Southwest was one of the few to not charge for either. Airline bag fees can cost you from $25 to $100 or more for multiple bags. But some credit cards are starting to reimburse you for check-on baggage – great perk for the frequent traveler!

  8. Lost Luggage Coverage

    Despite all our modern technology the airline baggage service has changed little in decades. According to CN Traveler 26 million pieces of checked baggage go missing each year. Fortunately, some credit card companies are beginning to offer insurance coverage for lost baggage, which is great since many airlines have limitations on what they will cover, how much and how quickly.

  9. Travel Insurance

    If you become sick and have to back out of your cruise at the last minute your cruise line may not care, but your credit card company might. Many companies are starting to make travel insurance part of their customer reward package.

  10. Concierge Service

    Some higher end credit cards, like American Express among others, now offer concierge service. This means that, at home or on vacation, you can call a number and get information about what to do for fun in that area and even buy tickets to events, at a discount, directly through them.

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