Credit Card Mail Offers

Should I Accept Credit Card Mail Offers That Show Up In My Box?

Are credit card mail offers real? You were just hanging around minding your own business when you checked the mail to find what seems to be a fantastic offer for a new credit card. Do you accept credit card offers by mail? First, consider these things about mail offer credit cards:

1. Be skeptical and look for a well-known company
Always be skeptical when something looks too good to be true or shows up unannounced. This means that while most likely the offer that you received in the mail is from a legitimate source you never know for certain unless you look into it a bit. So be smart. Do a little research online using our website and ensure that this company that sent you the notice is for real.
Opt for known banks with a positive history of reviews online. If you are unsure if an offer is for real call the bank. Do not call the number listed on the offer you received – if this is a professional scam they could be prepared for that. Instead, call the published number of the bank who sent the offer and talk to someone there to ensure it is legitimate. Once you learn that they are on the level, as you will probably find, then you can probably apply right on the phone when you call and save time.
2. Credit card mail offers most likely just an offer to apply not a guarantee of acceptance
Remember that “pre-approved” and “pre-qualified” usually mean that the company did a “soft pull” of your credit and from what they saw you they (or their computer) feel that you may qualify for their card. It is not a guarantee. When you “accept” the offer or apply then they will do a formal credit pull and a true evaluation based on your application. Only then will you know for certain if you qualify or not.
3. Keep the paperwork for the special code.
Many credit card mail offers that you receive in the mail will include a special “acceptance code” or “application number”. For example, you might get an offer with an American Express mail offer code or an acceptance code from any credit card company. Keep this. It will be necessary to get any special finance offer or bonus that the mail promised and will speed up your application. You can usually use this number to apply by phone or online – it doesn’t matter which you choose, really. Either will be done just as quickly. Avoid applying by mail, though. This takes longer but also opens you up to the risk that someone will intercept your personal information at some point.

Go Ahead, if it Looks Good

The short of the credit card mail offers story is that if you were in the market for a new credit card anyway and a good offer shows up in the mail you should definitely consider accepting it. Just realize that doing so will put a “ding” on your credit in the form of an inquiry, just like applying for any other card, and you are not guaranteed to be accepted. In addition, practice due diligence and ensure the deal looks legitimate before you offer up your name, date and serial number

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