Questions To Ask A Credit Card Company

Five Things To Think About When Shopping For The Right Card And Questions To Ask A Credit Card Company

There are five questions to ask a credit card company. If you’ve been reading our credit card guide or surfing our site you know that there are many things to consider as you shop for a new credit card. Sure, you want to look at fees and APR, but you also want to consider rewards programs like cash back and frequent flyer miles.
And there is more.
You may have read our article, LINK, about extended warranties and other credit card perks. But let’s cover a few more credit card features that you may never have heard of but by the time you finish reading this article you will be desperate to have:

1. Certain cards provide theft insurance on items you bought
There are certain credit cards, such as the Chase Sapphire, that will actually pay you back for a purchase if the item breaks outside the warranty period, or if it is lost or stolen. Imagine, you bought a beautiful leather jacket for $300, but then left it at a dance club the first time you wore it. Some cards might pay you back for this, so two things. First, keep all your receipts – you may need the original purchase receipt to get paid. Second, if you tend to be forgetful or accident prone look for a credit card that offers this benefit.
2. Some cards offer cell phone replacement
Sometimes this might fall under #1 above. But with other cards they offer a specific feature where, as long as you buy the phone with your credit card and pay the cell phone bill with your credit card, they will buy you a new phone if yours is lost or damaged. Crazy, right? But true. Check out Wells Fargo cards, among a few others with this feature.
3. Lost luggage coverage
Some major credit cards will reimburse you if the airline loses your luggage provided you bought your plane ticket with their credit card. Others will reimburse you for hotel room theft if you paid for the room with their card.
4. No check-on baggage fees.
Many airline cards offer free bag check if you buy your airline ticket using their credit card.
5. Add some art to your life.
A number of banks offer entertainment deals, such as Bank of America who gives you free admission to various art museums around the country one weekend a month just by showing your BOA debit card or credit card. From New York to Detroit, Florida to Texas, there are dozens of museums that you can enjoy for free, so always look for these interesting credit card perks.

Know these Questions to Ask a Credit card Company

Now, you know the most important questions to ask a credit card company. But one note about credit card features: Some features are specific to the credit card itself, such as MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Others are specific to the bank that issues the card. Check the fine-print in your application or acceptance package to get all the rules and regulations.

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